The Humanity Bureau (2017) Directed by Rob W. King

Nicolas Cage his "Blade Runner 2049" (and yes, it is just as bad and ridicules as that sounds). At least, that is what they were going for. Well, I guess they were, since I am really not too sure what they were going for exactly. As a whole, it is quite messy as a movie and it lacks a clear direction and engaging enough main plot line. Not that the movie is confusing, it is just bad and incredibly poorly constructed.

Watching this movie is a real task, which is not only due to the fact that it lacks a clear direction or solid enough main story, but also because it really isn't much fun to watch, which is especially disappointing for a movie that is trying to be a science-fiction movie, set in a dystopian future.

A big problem for this movie is that it lacks a good enough treat in it. There is never a sense of danger or despair, even though the movie supposedly is set in a world where humanity is seriously threatened by global warming. I also really don't think that this movie adds much good to the cause, in regards to the current global warming situation, even though the intentions for it were clearly there.

There is not a big enough treat from its 'world', which obviously is really due to the fact how poorly it is set up. The movie absolutely never feels or looks like it is set in the remote future and it also makes absolutely no attempt to ever impress you with any of its visuals or to explain its 'world' to you. The movie mostly involves Nicolas Cage sitting in- and driving around in his car, with some terrible green screen effects behind him. Something James Bond did far better and more convincing (well OK, maybe not), during the '60's and '70's.

This also shows you how terrible uneventful this movie actually is. There are a few action sequences, but it is all quite laughable to be honest. Terribly formulaic, as well as incredibly poorly directed. Its low budget really can't be an excuse in this case, since the movie clearly could have done more to either excite or entertain its viewers.

Nicolas Cage is a funny guy. He has had his fair share of great roles and movies, as well as a boatload of terrible roles, in absolutely laughable movies, while always overacting, but never being a bad actor per se as well. He honestly also isn't too bad in this movie, though his character is incredibly flat and uninteresting. He is far from the worst actor in this movie though. All other actors in this movie unfortunately really perform below par and it is always dangerous for a movie to feature a kid actor in a pretty big and significant role. Jakob Davies really isn't up to the task and he delivers just about all of his dialog in a far from convincing way.

The villain, always an important aspect for a movie such as this, is also a terribly disappointing one. Again, a far too formulaic, without a clear enough motivation and purpose in this movie. Maybe I simply zoned out while watching it, but I can assure you that that would have been all due to the movie, that absolutely failed to ever grab me with either its story and characters or any of its events.

It is a poorly handled mess, that offers nothing good really.


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Alien Convergence (2017) Directed by Rob Pallatina

The title sounds like "Alien: Covenant", the cover looks like "Alien: Covenant". That can all only mean one thing; The Asylum is at it again!

It is funny though. Even though this is a clear attempt at trying to cash in on the 'succes' of "Alien: Covenant", the movie itself is ripping off a whole bunch of recent science-fiction movies, except for "Alien: Covenant". It is actually more a cheap "Pacific Rim" rip-off, about dragons (I guess) who came from space to destroy the Earth. The movie is just as ridicules and bad as sounds. However, if you are into this silly and bad stuff, there still is a great chance you are going to enjoy it.

I for one definitely am able to enjoy a movie such as this, though there absolutely is no way I would call it a good movie as well. It is bad, but that luckily doesn't take away anything from its amusement. It is the type of movie that becomes entertaining to watch, just because of how bad and ridicules it gets at times.

It is also always funny and amazing how these movies often follow the same templates and all of the characters are much alike. These movies often feature a strong female lead in it, who still are scared by something and vulnerable as well. There also isn't ever much story though and it basically is a movie about survival, from some kind of monstrous thread or natural disaster, while never feeling any of the dread, urgency and despair. It is all incredibly shallow, simplistic and predictable. Nothing comes as a surprise and the movie is basically devoid of any sort of depth and emotions. Really, I don't even remember any of the character's names.

Its straightforwardness and simplicity at the same time remains the one thing that also still makes the movie somewhat fun and entertaining to watch though. It never really slows down for any drama or distracting side-plots. There is plenty of action and pace to this movie, though at the same time the action is hardly anything impressive to look at. The special effects are ridiculously bad and half of the time I don't even know what is going on in the movie. It all feels very random and hard to care about, due to the way how things get told and shot like.

I still yet never hated watching this movie, but that is just me of course. Bad and silly movies often are enjoyable in their own, special, kind of way, but it clearly is something most people are not going to enjoy watching. And I really can't blame most people for that. After all, it is bad...


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