Dead South (2016) Directed by Craig Ross Jr.

Believe it or not, but blending the civil war with vampire elements really isn't anything new. And despite sounding entertaining, it actually rarely works out as such. How come? Well, I don't even feel like going into that, since this movie drained me from all my energy.

This is an absolutely terrible movie. That is all you need to know, so you can actually stop reading now, but if you are still interested to know why it is such a terrible one feel free to stick around.

This by all means should have been a fun movie to watch. A period piece with vampire action, set against the backdrop of a war-torn country. But thing about this movie is that I don't even know if it is actually trying to be a fun- or a more serious and drama orientated movie. I am actually leaning toward the latter, since the movie hardly has any entertaining moments in it, such as some good action or intentional comedy. But it is still kind of weird to watch all. As if the movie itself had no idea what it truly wanted to be.

Since it really didn't seem to have any idea what it wanted to be, it is also lacking a good focus in it. There are far too many different characters, that are never made interesting. There is not a good enough main plot line to help to keep this movie going and engaging to watch, but what perhaps is even worse is the fact that it is really lacking a good main character(s). No one to cheer for, no one to care for and there also most definitely is nothing else in this movie to keep you interested in it. It is therefore a really tiresome movie to watch.

It's also annoying how this movie has a far too dark atmosphere for its settings and concept. Most scenes seem to take place at night, which makes sense within a vampire movie context, but thing about this movie is that it is hardly a vampire movie at all. Most of the scenes definitely don't involve any vampires and the whole concept of it seems to be secondary to the movie really.

The movie overall is an extremely poorly made one, with a terrible pace, nonsensical scenes and a whole bunch of other uninteresting and dull aspects in it. The camera-work, directing and editing all feels extremely lacking and makes this movie more of an amateur-like project at times. It genuinely feels clumsy at parts, especially the editing. It's as if they shot a whole bunch of sequences and the editor had no idea how to put all of them together and in what other. The movie is that bad and confusing to follow at times, due to the way how it is put together.

I still don't really know what to make of this movie. In any case, it is an absolutely terrible one, from which I am still recovering. Not fun, not provoking, not engaging. Just skip it.


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