Ever since the announcement of a new Star Wars movie the project has been clouded in mystery and secrecy, as often is the case with J.J. Abrams projects.
Sure, there have been some leaked set pics but we basicly still don't know anything about the story or even who is supposed to be who in this new Star Wars movie.
It's very well possible that after tomorrow (November 28), when the first 88 seconds long teaser trailer will see the light of day, we still won't know anything about either the story or characters. For all we know the teaser is going to be one long shot of a Womp rat running through the Tatooine desert, or perhaps it wont even show us any images and will only contain audio and show some written text on the screen.
But no, I'm more hopeful than that and here is, what in my opinion, we are likely to see in tomorrow's first Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens trailer:

1. The Millennium Falcon

This actually is an easy one. As little as we all know about the upcoming new Star Wars movie one thing's for certain already; The Millennium Falcon will be in it. The teaser will most likely feature at least one shot of the Falcon flying by.

2. The main character(s)

The teaser, at the very least, is going to shed some light on who's going to be the main focus of the movie. We all known that Luke, Leia and Han are back in this but we also know that they won't be the main focus of the movie this time around. The movie is likely to focus on their children and some new, young, Jedi and/or Padawan characters.

3. The main villain

And now that we're on characters; it also isn't known yet who the main villain is going to be. An old returning character? A completely new one? My guess is that by tomorrow we'll know a bit more about it but only just a bit though. I expect to get nothing more but a glimpse, and with that I mean something like a two second shot, that won't tell us anyhing yet about the personality of the, most likely, new main villain of the movie.

4. A lightsaber ignition

It's an iconic Star Wars image, as well as sound; the ignition of a lightsaber. It's going to make the fans happy and gives them something to cheer- and get goosebumps over. I don't expect to see any (serious) lightsaber action yet in tomorrows teaser trailer but the ignition of one will definitely be seen and heard in it. 

5. Tatooine

Again, we don't know much about the story and where it will be set but we can say with 99,99% absolute certainty that it, for at least a part, it going to be set on the desert planet Tatooine, that previously was featured most prominently in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. The teaser is maybe even going to take us back to some familiar places, such as Mos Eisley spaceport or a rebuild Lars homestead, with some Tusken Raiders or Jawa Sandcrawlers in the background (also see point 9).

6. Other planets

As usual, the movie of course won't be taking place at just one planet though. My guess is that the teaser is going to take us to a whole bunch of other different planets as well, some new and unseen ones as well as definitely some already very familiar ones, such as most likely the capital planet Coruscant and maybe even a planet from one of the prequels, such as Naboo, to tie both trilogies in with this new one.

7. Stormtroopers

Yes, I expect these, iconic Star Wars, guys to return, or at least some new and more 'modern' variation on them. In the teaser trailer we'll see them walking and running around and some of them will be firing their blasters at someone or something (and missing of course). 

8. A space battle

It's very likely that the trailer wants to show off some of its effects. What better way to do this than showing a battle in space, involving a bunch of different spacecrafts and lasers shooting across the screen. We won't be able to tell what's going on and who's fighting who and what for exactly but it will be glorious and impressive looking nevertheless. The movie is likely to also feature some ground battles in it but we won't see much of that yet in this teaser trailer, I would guess.

9. Lots of hidden background stuff

This is the type of teaser trailer that is going to be played over and over again- and is going to be picked and analyzed to death by people and they knew this. That's why it's very likely that there will be lots of hidden 'messages' and background stuff going on in the trailer, such as characters, spaceships and other vehicles, all looming in the background somewhere. 

10. A big suprise/tease at the end

I suspect that the trailer is going to end with one final big suprise or tease. Something that will catch us off guard and is going to be subject of much speculation. Something that will hint at either the return or death of a classic Star Wars character....who knows....Darth Vader's breathing sound...Salacious Crumb's laugh...Jar Jar Binks left ear...a new Death Star, or something far more vague and mysterious than any of that. Either way, it's going to be something that is going to make us curious and excited for more and it will give us something for days and days to talk and speculate about. 

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